Monday, August 1, 2016

Silver City Week 5

Hello everyone,
My first full week in a trio went pretty good. Elder Kapele and Elder
Coyne have both been fun to work with. Elde Coyne and I were expecting three new investigators this week and had all the appointments set up.

Unfortunately they all fell through. But since we've had to devote our
time to two separate wards, I think we have a valid excuse for our low
numbers this week. We did commit someone to be baptized in Elder
Kapele's area, so we're still getting a lot done.
Because of the failed appointments, we've spent a lot of time visiting
with recent converts and less actives. On less active we've been
focusing on - Sister Whelan - is a very interesting person.  She took
an IQ test in college and it was high enough to where she could have
joined Mensa, but her mother asked her not to. She learned how to do
Indian healing and has done and taught it professionally. She told us
many stories of instances where she has restored people's sight and
things of that nature. How much of it is actually true is hard to say,
but cool stories nonetheless. She said she also went on a vision
quest, and when she finally got her patriarchal blessing some of the
things in it matched what she had learned doing the vision quest. It's
interesting to see all he different walks of life that the gospel has
touched and effected each day.

Elder Coyne and I are still working on Marie and Carrye and they are
still continuing to learn about the gospel. Marie's grandkids came
over in the middle of our last lesson and they even sat down and
listened in for some of it. We were showing a video about the first
vision and they were asking questions and wanting to learn more as
Hope everyone is doing good themselves and feel free to email me
anytime during the week (I just won't respond till Monday)

Elder Miller

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