Monday, August 15, 2016

Silver City Week 7

This has been an excellent week for Elder Coyne and I. It's been a few weeks since we've been able to focus all of our time on our area. We hit all the standards of excellence, which are goals set by our mission president for each week. I've been talking about having
appointments with new investigators falling through these past few
weeks; this week we were able to finally meet with some of them and we now have two new people we're meeting with regularly now.

The first person is Hendricks Jackson who was actually taking the
lessons before he went to live with his dad for the summer. He lives
with his grandparents in Silver during the school year, so we were
able to start giving the discussions again this week. In our lesson I
asked him if he'd like to be baptized; it was the first time I had
done so. It was very abrupt and weird when I did it and it made
Hendricks very hesitant. Luckily Elder Coyne and his grandparents were able to coax him into it afterward and he agreed to set a date for September 17. Hopefully I'll figure out a smooth transition to use before asking people to be baptized.

Brother Jones, one of our ward missionaries, has been letting someone live in their camper on his property, and has asked to take the missionary discussions as well. His name is Joseph; he's been having a difficult time both emotionally and financially as his wife died from cancer a few months ago and he spent a lot of money trying to keep her alive. We had a great discussion on the restoration and families. We invited him to read the introduction of the BOM and he seemed very interested in doing so. He seems like a solid investigator.

Lately we've doing service for a member in our ward who needs his
house cleaned up before his wife comes home from the hospital. His name is Brother Roger Flythe; he hasn't actually occupied his house in years since he's had to care for a lot of sick relatives in his
family, so his dogs have pretty much had free reign in it for a while.
He's a very smart guy and used to be a very successful artist, making over a hundred grand a year doing it. I'll have to figure out a way to send pictures of some his paints to all of you; he is very good and prolific.

Be safe and have a good week,
Elder Miller

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