Monday, December 12, 2016

First Transfer - Bonanza Ward, Tucson

Pretty bittersweet this week as it's finally time for me to leave
Silver City, New Mexico and go to a new area. I'm going to Bonanza Ward in Southeast Tucson; my companion is pretty new; his name is Elder Barr and I'm only going to be his second companion, which makes me senior companion. It's a bike area though, so I won't be driving still, unfortunately. I'll have to miss Shalako's baptism in January, but I might be able to Skype or something like that. It's unusual for me to be in Tucson today. I don't recognize anything and it's so much different from New Mexico; it's almost as if I'm starting my mission all over again. What's cool is Sister Spencer is in the same zone as me now, so we'll be serving around each other for a little while.

I hope you've all had great experiences with the #LighttheWorld
initiative. If you haven't tried doing anything from it yet, keep in
mind the acts of service don't have to be complicated. Today is "Jesus Taught Others and So Can You;" one of the things you can do today is teach a family member what you learned recently from reading the scriptures (tonight's family home evening would be a great time to do so). The things we do can also be for our own benefit as well. For an example, tomorrow is "Jesus Showed Humility and So Can You," and one thing you can do for it is ask your parents (regardless of your age) how you can deal with a current challenge you're facing. Love you and thank you for all the notes you send. Have a fantastic week,
Elder Miller

Silver City - Week 22

This has been a good holiday for me and Elder Stephenson. We had
Thanksgiving dinner at the Treagers and the Waters - I'm surprised I didn't throw up. The Treagers also invited the new senior missionaries to dinner as well - Elder and Sister Thomas. They're the new directors of the institute and will be in Silver for two years; they're from California and they decided to sell their house and give away all their stuff to go on missions for the rest of their lives - way to apply Elder Yamashita's talk and be ambitious for Christ. Elder Thomas is a really funny guy; he cracks us up to no end . Hopefully his energy will bring new life to the institute at WMNU and bring more people to the branch.
I hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey Day and had much to be thankful for. If you haven't checked it out yet, the church has come out with their new campaign for this Christmas season - #LighttheWorld. In the past, Christmas videos from the church often focus on introducing non members to the Church and remembering Christ, but this year, the brethren have decided to take an other approach. It would make a great family home evening to go on and watch the new #LighttheWorld video; it depicts Christ rendering acts of service to other people (helping the sick, blind, eta.) and then shows how we can do those same exact things ourselves today. On his Sermon on the Mount, Christ told his followers that "ye are the light of the world. A city set on an hill cannot be hid." (Matthew 5:14) And this new initiative from the Church invites to be just that - the light of the world. In addition to the #LighttheWorld video, there will be short, 30-second videos released everyday from December 1-24 showing various
acts of service performed by Christ and how we can do it today; sort of like Christ-centered advent calendar. I would invite all of you to make this campaign a part of your holiday season, as Christ seems to be pushed into the background at this time of year. Be sure to ask the missionaries for the pass-along cards to give to your friends as well. By the way - it snowed this morning! There's actually snow in the Arizona Tucson Mission!

Elder Miller

Silver City - Week 21

Hello everyone,
It's hard to believe that I only have a few more weeks left in Silver.
It's seems like it's been forever and no time at all at the same time.
I love it here, yet I'm ready to experience something new; I'm quite
conflicted in thought.
There was tons of service and not a whole lot of lessons this week
(just enough to hit standards of excellence - which are goals set by
the mission president for each week). Brother Flythe's house is still
a work in progress, but we've accomplished a lot from when I was first there five months ago. The other Silver City elders invited us to help them volunteer at a horse rescue every Tuesday and Thursday morning; lots of dirt digging and manure shoveling, but it beats knocking doors at nine in the morning. We started teaching a part member family named the Peters on Wednesday. Ralph, the husband, is a non member, but he has a firm belief in the Bible and is fine with where he is. Rather than asking him to take the missionary discussions we just gave his family a reading assignment out of the Bible, so we can discuss it when come back next week. So he doesn't know it, but he's a new investigator -Ha!
I hope you all enjoy your holiday and give thanks to Lord for all themarvelous blessings He has so generously bestowed on us.
Elder Miller