Monday, July 25, 2016

Silver City Week 4

I think this is my fourth week on Silver, but I'm not sure. Things are great; we got a new investigator - Betsy - who's husband is a member.
According to Elder Coyne she is a lot more open to learning about the gospel than she was before, so that sounds pretty hopeful. 

This next coming week we have another part member and member referral lesson planned already, so we've got a good amount of people to teach. Plus I'll be in a trio covering an extra ward these next two weeks, so we're going to be pretty busy.
We're still trying to get Marie and Carrye to come to church. Carrye
has been having having an extremely hard time with her son lately
though, so it's been hard to get them both out there. Do pray for them if you can remember. 

I went on exchanges for the first time on Thursday. I spent the whole day with Elder Kapele who is our district leader. He had really bad allergies the whole day and couldn't really do much, so I did nearly all the talking in all our lessons and contacts that day. It was a very good learning experience; I'm by no means a sociable person but is certainly starting to get better. Sorry for the short emails, but I really typing on these iPads.

Elder Miller

The picture above (and the two below) was taken at Apache National Park. Elder Miller and his companion were able to stop and visit on their way to Arizona this morning with another set of Elders.

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