Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 26, 2016 - Silver City Week 13

I'm so glad I'm going to be in New Mexico for six months; I absolutely love the people of this area. Elder Andersen is my new companion and he is a lot of fun. He always has a joke to tell, and members and investigators a like seem to enjoy him as well. It's very different for me to have constant charge over the area and being the one who knows the area in the companionship. This week was especially hard since everyone seemed to either not be home or falling through. This meant lots of finding activities - which I detest. But I find it has payed off as we have a lot of possible new investigator lessons lined up for next week (FYI, you have to teach someone before you can call them a new investigator).

In relation to the upcoming general conference, I encourage you to
study the story of Naaman the Syrian in 2 Kings 5. Elijah commanded Naaman to simply bathe in the river Jordan seven times to be healed. Naaman was upset because he was not commanded to do something great, nor did he have something great shown to him. But his servant reminded him that if he would have done some great thing, then why not do this small thing as well. Often times we may hear a talked in conference and be like Naaman: "This is all things I've heard before; it's the simple things I've always known. Although we might not be getting a new mind-blowing revelation or a new section to D&C anytime soon, we need to keep in mind the prophets are given us instruction specific to our time,a no heeding to it will bring us safety from the adversary and great blessings.

Elder Miller

September 19, 2016 - Silver City Week 12

Hello everyone,

Apologize for not sending anything last week - time got away from me. This weeks marks the beginning of my three transfer and I'm no longer a trainee. I'm getting a new companion tomorrow who's name is Elder Anderson. Because this will be the last transfer of his mission, I'm probably going to be in Silver until the middle of December. Which is fine by me, the ward and the people in this area are great; the weather's not too bad either. It's going to be interesting taking over an area for the first time; I'll be depending a lot on the Lord to let me know who and where I should be going to day by day.

On Saturday, Hendrix was baptized. I got to speak on baptism for the service, and Elder Coyne performed the ordinance. It was so great to witness the baptism of someone I helped teach myself. I do - of course - have pictures of us with Hendrix and his whole family before the baptism, and I'll definitely be sure to get them out to all of you before the end of the day. I absolutely love that family; before we took the picture, I was practicing the songs I need to play for the service when Hendrix's little half-sister came up to me and said "we're taking family pictures and you're part of the family, so come on!" I never thought I'd be able to connect with people very well when I first came out, but I'm so glad now to see how well I'm being accepted by the people that I teach.

Love all of you and hope you all have a good week,

Elder Miller

Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 5, 2016 - Silver City Week 10

Hello everybody,

Had to travel to Pima, Arizona on Tuesday for my first zone
conference. We got to hear from President and Sister Passey about
working with members and acting on faith and such. We have a temple trip this coming Wednesday, so everyone in the mission was challenged to find a family name to do endowments for. Everyone in my district and I found a name, but they all need to have other ordinances done first before we could do the endowment. So after zone conference we all went to the Gila Valley Temple to get those done. This is was the first time I'd done work for a name I found myself. I also got to baptize someone in the temple for the first time. I baptized Elder Bangerter for his name and he baptized me do mine. I'm surprised I was able to baptize him since he has about five inches on me. It was probably the best experience in the temple I've had so far. I think I appreciate the temple a lot more now than I did as a youth.

We haven't found anyone now to teach this week, but we could be
getting one this week. The family that's feeding us on Friday invited a non member they know who said they would come. I hope something comes of it. We are also getting our investigator Hendricks ready for his baptism in two weeks. I can't wait to be a baptism for someone I taught. His grandparents have also decided to get married, so we'll be able to help his grandma progress to baptism as well soon.
Love all of you and hope you have a good week,
Elder Miller