Monday, August 22, 2016

Silver City - Week 8

Hello everyone. 

Elder Coyne and I have been doing real good these past
few weeks. Marie and Carrye are still having Word of Wisdom problems, and we've moved their baptismal date to Oct. 1. We also set a date with an investigator a member found for us, Joseph. He told us the other day at a church activity that he has really enjoyed the lessons and what he's been hearing, which was really encouraging to me. We're 
hoping that everything will go fine so we can baptize on Oct. 15. We taught Hendricks - who is also getting ready for baptism - and his grandma, Betsy, in Friday. Our ward mission leader knows Betsy pretty well, and in the lesson he asked her for her candid opinion of the church. She said she was disappointed by how some people act so irreverent while the speakers give heartfelt talks during sacrament meeting, which was a bit upsetting to hear. I would just recommend that we as members watch ourselves and put in good preparation for the sabbath. People are watching us, and we need to make sure we're representing Christ's church the way He'd want us to. A member in Silver City ward - who is a temple sealer - said the other day that there is no reason why sacrament meeting can't be every bit as spiritually edifying as a trip to the temple. I believe that; do we not realize we are participating in an essential, holy ordinance every Sunday within the wall of our meetinghouse? Let our actions and thoughts reflect that every Sabbath and it will be so much more refreshing and uplifting for all of us.

Love you all.

Elder Miller

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