Monday, August 29, 2016

Silver City - Week 9

Hello everyone,

I only really have a few things to share and they happened yesterday. Unfortunately, this has been an other slow week with a lot of lessons falling through, so we've mostly been visiting less actives and recent converts.

In sacrament meeting yesterday, I got to speak for the first time on
my mission. Elder Coyne and I were asked to speak on how the gospel blesses families. I spoke somewhere around eight minutes, and I had to write out every last thing I a had to say since I couldn't practice it that much. But everyone complemented me nonetheless on how well prepared I was, even though I was just reading off of a paper the whole time.

We had a former investigator return to church yesterday as well but
let me explain. The second day I was here in Silver, we went with our ward mission leader to visit an investigator named Pauline, who the Elders before us tracted into a few months ago. The night I saw her she was about to go into rehab (voluntarily) in Las Cruses. She looked like a mess and she was a mess. When I saw her yesterday, she looked like a whole new person, and now Elder Coyne and I are going to begin preparing her and her kids for baptism! The change the gospel has brought to her life is quite evident and incredible.

Wish I had more to share, but that's about it for this week. Love you all,

Elder Miller

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