Monday, October 31, 2016

Silver City - Halloween

Hope everybody had a good week. Today is my last day with Elder
Andersen; he was a good companion and the ward really enjoyed his stay here as well. Elder Kapele of first ward is also leaving for Gila Valley, so everyone that was here when I first came here will be gone; it's pretty weird. Tomorrow I get to go to Safford to meet my new companion, Elder Stephenson. This will probably be my last transfer here, but I really wish it wasn't; Shalako Bradberry should be getting baptized in late December, and it'd really be too bad if I missed it. I finally got to drive this week! For the first time in four and a half months; it was so strange. I was on exchanges with Elder Bangerter. We just found out Saturday that he will be training a new missionary right after he's done being trained - crazy.

Here some pictures of the sights I've seen from the past few p days.
We went to see the Gila Cliff Dwellings, which is a settlement made out of the side of a mountain by the Mogellon people about 700 years ago. And City of Rocks is a group of rock formations caused by the cooling of lava from a volcanic explosion about 34 million years ago.

I hope everyone enjoys their pagan holiday and has a good rest of the week,

Elder Miller

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