Monday, November 7, 2016

Silver City Week 19

Hello everyone,
I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday as much as I am. Sometimes I feel I enjoy non proselyting days too much; but I can't help but to feel satisfied when resting after a very good week. Our teaching pool
grew by three this week and they practically fell onto our laps; whenever we went into one of our normal lessons, someone new would be there, wanting to learn more about our beliefs. We went to go follow up on a referral we helped move last week and a friend of hers, Buck,
accepted a Book of Mormon from us. Buck is a Seventh Day Advent (they
worship on Saturday like the Hebrews and make a big deal of it), and he had a lot to talk about of his beliefs when we met him. Nevertheless, he was open to reading the Book of Mormon, but he also
wanted us to take some religious literature of his (which I accepted -
it's only fair if I read it - he expects me to read it just as I expect him to read the BOM). He wants us to find prophecies of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon in the Bible the next time we see him as
well (I like a good challenge).
Brother Jones grandson, Coltan, moved into town from Utah and sat in our lesson with Joseph on Thursday as well. He recently began to study the Bible and wants to learn more about our church and the Book of Mormon. Of course we'd be happy to assist him in that. In our lesson with Marie and Carrye (the first one we had in a while), Marie had a friend of hers over named Anthony. Anthony was in and out of our lesson but up an immediate interest in the blue book we were
reading out of - the Book of Mormon. As we were teaching, he took out a Bible and started to look for the verses and books from the BOM in the Bible. With a confused look on his face, he asked us why he couldn't find them. We explained that the BOM is an entirely different
volume of scripture and so forth, which made him want to learn more, too.
There's great power in the Book of Mormon, and people seem to be more
interested in learning about it when they have an idea of what it is. My only admonition is to share it and testify of it whenever the opportunity comes. All you have to do is explain and invite to learn
more. I doubt any friendships have ever ended from a simple invitation to learn more of something that's important to you, and if one ever did, that friend was probably no good in the first place.
Have a good week and know that you're loved and missed
Elder Miller

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