Saturday, July 9, 2016

Silver City Week 2

My first week in field is officially in the books. My first lesson was with a Jehovahs Witness named Canuto (pronounced "can you too"). It was very interesting; we were only able to teach a few principles as he spent most of the lesson sharing his own scriptures and expounding on his beliefs. He's a very nice guy, just very strange and difficult to teach. Before we left I asked him if we could share some of our own scriptures the next time we meet. He agreed so hopefully we can at least deliver the basics of the gospel this week. On Thursday, we visited with an investigator named Pauline; she's been an addict most of her life, but she has accepted the gospel and is checking herself into rehab for the next month. Once she. Once she comes back and is reunited with her family, they will all be baptized! It's just another wonderful example of how the Atonement changes lives. Saturday night we had a practice lesson on the Plan of Salvation that we gave to the ward missionary Bro Jones; in which I completely spaced out in the middle of a transition, which was very awkward and embarrassing. Thank goodness it was only a practice lesson.

Last night we went to an amazing fireside. It was held by Devon Shelly who is the Director of Distribution of media for the entire church; turns out he's a native of Silver City. He played an active role in the production of the Meet the Mormons movie, and that was what he was talking to us about. He also made an announcement that the two stories that were cut from the film will be shown in all the church visitors centers in the US starting this month. So if you're traveling this summer you can check that out.

Love you all, have a good week,

Elder Miller

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