Monday, July 18, 2016

Silver City Week 3

Hello everyone,
I'm actually not in New Mexico right now; today and tomorrow Elder Coyne and I are staying with another set of Elders in the thriving metropolis of Clifton, Arizona (it's not big at all). There library is so much better than Huntington's; I just drove in from another state and I was able to sign up for card no questions asked. In Huntington, they'd charge you a million dollars before you could have access to anything! We'll be in Arizona because Tuesday we have to go to Safford for a trainer trainee follow up meeting.
Marie and Carrye are still on date for baptism, but we're still trying to get them to church. We had Bro. Hand - a recent convert - come with us to our last lesson with them. He shared his personal experiences with the Spirit and how he eventually convert to the Gospel. It was a powerful teaching moment. Hopefully Carrye can get her vehicle fixed soon so they can finally experience partaking the sacrament; I think it will really help increase their desires to be baptized.
We finally taught Canuto - the JW - again on Saturday. I started to explain that we believe in modern day prophets and revelation when he began going on a huge tangent that there were no more prophets after John the Baptist (who was Jesus, Peter, and the Apostle Paul then?). It's amazing to see how many different ways the simplicity of the Gospel has been distorted throughout history; I'm so thankful I have the knowledge that it is restored and that living prophets and apostles are on the earth today. It's disheartening when we present that information to other and they reject it. As nice of a guy he is, we will have to drop Canuto, unfortunately, as he is clearly firm in his beliefs with no desire to change.
Funny story, on Tuesday, Elder Coyne and I specifically were challenged by the zone leaders to hand out two Books of Mormon out before the end of the day. We spent an hour and half knocking doors trying to do so. The last two doors we knocked on were the ones we were the ones we were able give a book to. The last one I had to do all the talking for (scary!); luckily he was a police officer who are always nice to talk to. Not only that, but he was a less active who is trying to get his wife to take the missionary lessons! We were so excited that we had two potential investigators in the end. Only after the fact, we realized we had been knocking doors in the sister missionaries area the entire time. Maybe next time we'll work in our own area instead.
Talk to you all later, and do pray for us to find people to teach,
Elder Miller

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