Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Silver City Week 1

Hello everyone! I've finally arrived to the mission field and am doing great. On Monday I got to meet President and Sister Passey in Tucson, and they are some of the nicest people I've ever seen. We had a wonderful dinner and testimony meeting in their home; it was a great warm welcome to the mission field. Also on Monday, the new missionaries got to visit the Mormon Battalion Memorial in downtown Tucson which was very fun. I never knew the Battalion played such a huge role in the colonization of the far West and had to march over 2,000 miles!
Yesterday morning we had our transfer meeting, and I'm glad to say I'm getting trained in the least hot place in the whole mission - Silver City, New Mexico! I'm literally the only one in the entire mission who is feeling a breeze outside; after sweating my rear off all day in Tucson, I was happy about that. My trainers name is Elder Coyne (pronounced "coin"), and he's from Denver Colorado. He's a really cool guy, and I think I'll have a good time learning from him and teach with him for the next three months. Our first day in the field wasn't too busy; we had a three and a half hour car ride just to get back to the area. After I unpacked in the guesthouse (we have our very own house, not an apartment), we had a dinner appointment with a nice old lady named Sister Lack and her grandson Jake Rocco. I don't know what it was they fed us, but it tasted pretty good. Later that night we had to give a blessing to an other elderly lady - Sister Stewart - who is going in for hip surgery tomorrow. Elder Coyne gave the blessing, but I anointed the oil, which was cool to do. 
939 West Chapla Drive Tucson Arizona is the address of the mission home. If you want to send me letters and such you should send them to this address where they'll be sent to me in Mew Mexico. Love and miss you all and will talk more next Monday.
Elder Miller

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