Thursday, June 16, 2016

June 16, 2016

Greetings from Provo! I can't believe it's already been over a week since I've left home; so much has happened to me since then it's unbelievable. Things here are going fantastic. My companion Elder Sherwood and I are getting along great, and are now the zone leaders in our branch (basically all we do is orient new people and teach priesthood meeting). Speaking of new people, when I was giving our new district a tour last night I may have ran into an Elder Hutchinson for a split second. If you have no idea what this all means: a district is the group of missionaries that come here the same time as you and are in all of your classes with you, while a zone is a group of three or four districts that live in the same area of the residence hall as you (and that's what my companion and I are leaders of). Sister Spencer is in my district, meaning not only are we from the same ward and going to the same mission, but we are also in all of the same class here in the MTC. When ever we tell people were from the same ward their jaws just drop, this sort of thing is practically unheard of. Nonetheless, it has been a joy to have her in the district.
Believe it or not, you get to teach investigators at the MTC! Some of them are real, same already members, but you never know who's who. We're teaching two people this week: Braulio Gonzales from Lima, Peru, and Ny (pronounced "Knee") Andrianavalona from Madagascar. Both of them are currently learned english and speak it beautifully; their accents are quite amusing to listen to. Elder Sherwood and I had a hard time in the beginning learning how to work together; I'd open up my mouth and nothing would come out - I even forgot the first vision in the middle of reciting it! Luckily they were patient with us and by the time we gave them the second lesson we were doing much better. Ny is very interested in the BOM and the priesthood, and we still working on having her pray. Braulio works at the MTC cafeteria and we see him at meals a lot, and he is trying to get a high enough english score so he can go to BYU Provo and continue living with the LDS family that welcomed him into their home when he moved to the states. He's very much interested in the repentance process and trying to show him how true repentance will eventually lead to baptism. He said a prayer aloud with us yesterday and said he'd consider being baptized! 
As far as pictures go, I can't remember how many I've taken. I know for a fact I have a picture of my district and I at the temple (we just walk to it; we don't go inside until latertoday). Unfortunately, I can't upload anything on this computer; I need to go to a different lab. But I'll try to get them out to you before my P-day's over.
Have a good day; I love and miss all of you,
Elder Miller 

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