Monday, February 20, 2017

Southeast Tucson Week 9

Hello everyone,

This week has been good, and we've had a good amount of success. We had a new lady move into our ward who needed to be visited on
Wednesday. It turned out that she moved from California to live with her daughter - who was a less active we didn't know before. The mother and the daughter both asked for blessings of healing for their health problems. Elder Plaizier and I both got to give one. As we gave them blessings, the less active daughters husband - Michael - sat in and watched. When we were done he asked if he could have one as well even though he's not a member. We agreed and gave a simple blessing to help with the trials he is going through in life. He said he felt the Spirit while we were giving, and asked us when we meet for church on Sundays. He expressed that he has felt that Christ is missing from his life (he is a Catholic from Germany, but hasn't practiced in years). Needless to say, we asked him if he'd like to learn more about our church, and he agreed. We're so excited to get a promising prospect after a few weeks of slowness.

On Saturday we did a "district Blitz" in Sister Spencer and her
companions area out in Corona de Tucson (about twenty minutes away from town). A Blitz is where all the missionaries in a district go to the same area and knock doors there for an hour or two. While we were doing it, Elder Taylor (another missionary in the district) and I found a new Family for them to teach! They had already met with missionaries in the past, but their work schedules got in the way. We certainly knocked the right door at the right time, too. The husband was talking about how his wife just quit work and they'll be able to start getting back into it again. That was an other exciting event that happened.

Have a good week. I love you all,

Elder Miller

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